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  After many years of collecting tools and learning different techniques for doing, making and fixing things, I have decided to merge these
talents and make "stuff".  I try to make things with materials that have natural beauty such as exotic woods. It's not only the wood and it's color, but the way the paterns in the grain flows. Semi-precious stones such as terquoise, malakite, denim lapus and any number of other stones are all integrated into the works.  Texas Ivory or antler as well as Taga Nut (vegetable ivory) are also used.

Any of the items you see can be converted to earrings, pins cufflinks, hat band and belt  accents.  The antler rosettes can also be used as buttons for heavy shearling and leather.  Scrimshaw and custom colors of stones are also available. Custom pieces by your design by quote.

                      Phone: 972-248-8131

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